Do You Have a Boot Fetish?

Boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focused on boots. Boots have become the object of sexual attraction and fetishes for some people and they have become a standard accessory in fetish scenes and are commonly a fashion accessory in today’s music videos. Boots are seen as perhaps the most fetishistic of all footwear worldwide and boots are considered to be the most popular fetish clothing attire.

Boots were used as a subject for research regarding fetishism in the 1960s, stating that men could be sexually aroused by seeing pictures of boots, but the results have been put into question later, as boots already were very much the current fashion for sexually attractive women at the time.

Unlike shoes, boot styles have often appeared as street wear before being inspired by fashion designers. Boots are usually seen as a sign of empowerment for the wearer, especially when worn by women. Where boots are usually seen as a statement of dominance. Boot worship became a common subcultural practice among related fetishists at the turn of the century.

High-heeled boots tend to elongate the calf, creating a longer-legged appearance which is generally considered to be more sexually attractive. The length of the boot shafts also adds to this impression. Boots have been displayed in magazines for years such as Leg Show and there are also magazines and websites aimed directly at this fetish or Boot fetish. Boot fetishism may be accompanied by a fetish for the actual material from which the boots are made, such as leather, rubber, or latex. Boot fetishism is often targeted at a variety fashion boots and riding boots. But there are also boots explicitly made for boot fetish purposes, such as ballet boots, crotch high boots, high heeled boots, thigh-high boots, rubber boots, hip waders.

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